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About Tyronica S. Carter

A Mississippi Native, wife and mom of two boys, Tyronica S. Carter is a college graduate with a Masters Degree in Education. Tyronica, a Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc , spent 15 Years in education teaching grade school. Even though she had a passion for teaching, she was fully aware that the salary she was receiving didn't match the investment she was making Monday through Friday in the classroom. The desire of wanting more for her family began tugging on her heart and she knew it was time to pursue more.

As time passed, she was approached by someone regarding an opportunity to make a few hundred dollars extra a month selling $5 jewelry through Paparazzi Accessories. She decided to give the opportunity a try! Her love for fashion pushed her into a space where she was doing all that she could to let others know of her new business. Selling jewelry was becoming her main gig, and teaching was becoming her side hustle. Two years into the business, Tyronica was now in the position to retire from teaching. She was now able to contribute financially to her household in a major way. Selling jewelry was one thing, but now her leadership skills were being sharpened by her growing team.

Tyronica went beyond the expectation of just selling $5 bling. She zoned in and was able to build a team of now over 128,000 consultants within the Paparazzi Organization. She's a 7 Figure Earner Bling Boss Recipient, Crown Club 50 Member, 2016 Zi Collection Model of "The Tyronica ", she holds personal achievements of Life of the Party Black Diamond, was on the 2019 One Life Inaugural Leadership Panel, and last but not least holds the lifetime Elite Leadership Rank of Impressionista. 

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